When Did The Civil War Begin?


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The civil war in Spain (1936-1939) pitted republicans against nationalists. This very deadly conflict has set the country on fire for three years and finds its origin in major political dissensions that led to the coup d'├ętat of General Franco.

Towards the civil war in Spain: the left-right opposition

The Spanish Civil War, also known as the Spanish Civil War, began in 1936 with the coup d'├ętat orchestrated by General Francisco Franco. As always in this kind of conflict, the civil war in Spain has its roots in a deep malaise in society. For decades, social, economic and political conflicts have gradually undermined the power of government. In 1931, the Second Republic was proclaimed, bringing Republicans to power in a dictatorial episode. This change does not solve all the problems and tensions will increase.

In 1934, the tension is at its peak with the uprising of miners in Asturias, a Spanish province. This movement is repressed in the blood by the government, and there are more than 1,000 killed. From then on, supporters of the right and the left are tearing each other apart. The Popular Front wins the 1936 elections, but the situation is explosive. On 17 July, General Francisco Franco leads a military uprising and attempts to seize power. The republican government resists, but the war is now total between nationalists and republicans. It will last three years and will cause about 400,000 deaths, until the victory, in 1939, nationalists led by Franco.

To note

The dictatorship established by Franco after the civil war in Spain lasted 36 years. It was not until his death that the country experienced a democratic transition.