Which Foods Are High In Fiber?


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The fibers are the components of the diet that are not digested by the digestive tract enzymes. The fibers have a very low energy value. Among the most high-fiber foods are dried fruits and vegetables, green vegetables and whole grains. The fibers participate in particular intestinal transit. Several studies show that a diet high in fiber, rich in whole grains, low glycemic index, or rich in fiber from fruits and vegetables, is associated with a reduction in cardiovascular risk and diabetes.

Fiber content (in grams) per 100 grams of a food.

RangAlimentFiber container 51cassis7,80 g52muesli (medium food) 7,76 g53range coconut7,70 g54muesli crispy fruit 7,67 g55breaded swedish wheat full7,51 g56grilled multigrain 7,50 g57biscotte multigrain7,48 g58groseille7,40 g59redbread7,34 g60chocolate black (40% cocoa minimum) in tablet7,30 g61corn muffin7,23 g62 almond paste7,20 g63flageolets (canned) 7,12 g64 white canned beans6,82 g65menthe6,80 g66cookies (medium food) 6,74 g67framboise6 , 70 gmsmûre (bramble) 6.60 g69chocolat powder (or granules) sweetened6.58 g70Chocolate and mineral fortified wheatgrains6.57 g71 fluffy fruit muesli6.50 g72 sunflower seeds6.40 g73wheat wheat or wheat flour T1106 , 35 g74white beans6,30 g75crackers lightened in fat6,28 g76cookie crunchy chocolate biscuit (ex: tile), lightened in fat6,25 g77peanuts6,20 g78mixture of salted seeds and raisins6,20 g79wheat pasta tp6.10 g80peanut butter6.00 g81dried fruit biscuits low in salt6.00 g82cooked peas6.00 g83 rye and wheatbread5.93 g84biscotte without salt5.90 wild g85riz dry5.90 g86 apricot tarts5.90 g87 apple pie5.90 Filled gobblets (chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, etc.) <5.9 g89pruneau5,83 g90Pasque-flavored soufflé biscuits5,80 g91small pea (canned) 5,75 g92gricard dry5,70 g93noix5,70 g94crunchy toppings filled with chocolate or fruit5.64 g95mixture of dried exotic fruits5.60 g96Pain complete5.60 g97courcup or grain ball and artisanal seed5.57 g98steak of soya5.50 g99cured dried fruits with chocolate <5.5 g100artichaut5.43 g