What Is The Weather For Today?


This table gives you the Paris weather hour by hour and gives you the temperature, the force and the direction of the wind as well as an index of probability of rain in the hour or snow in the hour.

TimeDescription SkyTemperatureWindRain / snow09hCloudy Thirst13.2 ° C10 NorthWest 5% 10hCloudy Heather13.7 ° C10 North North West3% 11hClay covered14.3 ° C9 North NorthWest 3% 12hClay covered 14.8 ° C9 North North West 3% 13hClay covered15.3 ° C9 North North West3% 14hCloud covered15.2 ° C9 North North West2% 15hCloud covered14.9 ° C8 North North West2% 16hCovery rains15 ° C7 North North West4% 17hCloud cloudy14.8 ° C6 North West4% 18hCloud to stormy skies14.2 ° C6 North West3% 19hCiel very cloudy13.9 ° C6 NorthWest 1% 20hCloudy skies13.5 ° C6 NorthWest1% 21hCloudy skies13.1 ° C5 NorthWest2% 22hCloudy 12.9 ° C6 NorthWest 3% 23hClay covered12.9 ° C6 NorthWest 3% 00hCloudy skies12 .9 ° C6 NorthWest2% 01hCloud covered12.7 ° C6 NorthWest1% 02hClay covered12.6 ° C6 West NorthWest2% 03hClay covered12.5 ° C6 West NorthWest3% 04hCloud covered12.1 ° C6 West NorthWest2% 05hCloud covered11.6 ° C6 West North West1% 06hCloud covered11 ° C6 West North West2% 07hCloudy 10.8 ° C6 North West West4% 08 hThhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh % 13hCloud cloudy14 ° C8 North West3%

Our satellite animation and sky weather charts will help you understand the air masses, wind direction and cloud cover at this time in France and Europe.

The evolution of weather in Paris this week and the weather trend of the weekend in Paris. The minimum and maximum temperatures are indicative. The confidence index is maximum for the weather at 5 days. The weather of the weekend can still evolve towards more sun or more rain.

The table of minimum and maximum temperatures allows you to choose the best time to go to Paris. These data are averages observed years after years in the city of Paris.

T ° max7 ° C8 ° C12 ° C16 ° C20 ° C23 ° C25 ° C25 ° C21 ° C16 ° C11 ° C8 ° TCO ° mean5 ° C6 ° C9 ° C11 ° C15 ° C18 ° C21 ° C20 ° C17 ° C13 ° C8 ° C5 ° C ° C3 ° C3 ° C5 ° C7 ° C11 ° C14 ° C16 ° C16 ° C13 ° C10 ° C6 ° C3 ° CMooseJanFevMarAvrMayJuiJuiAouSepOctNovDec

The averages of the annual rainfall in Paris make it possible to protect oneself from the surprises of the local climate. The dark blue bar shows you the volume of precipitation per square meter in Paris. The light blue bar indicates the number of rainy days per month in Paris

The number of hours of sunshine in Paris varies from month to month throughout the year. Do not forget your sunglasses and a sunscreen adapted to periods of high heat symbolized by a high yellow bar.