Can Dog Eat Coconut Oil?


As you can see, when you add water to it, the Coco Therapy chips (that's one of the other products they make) begin to decompose in 30 seconds while the left ones stay intact. After 3 minutes, those on the right have absorbed all the water while those on the left are still unchanged. So you can easily deduce that once in the dog's stomach, Coco Therapy products are definitely more easily digested and the nutrients thus better absorbed by the body.

Finally, in addition to producing coconut oil directly, this company also manufactures a multitude of products based on this super-food , such as several types of treats: macaroons, cookies, chips and even chips to sprinkle on the food … all for dogs!

To conclude, if there was ONE natural supplement that we should all give our dog, it is coconut oil. I hope the many beneficial properties outlined in this article will have convinced you to include this superfood in your dog's nutrition and thus, have a healthier animal and for a long time!


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