Who Had The Most Twitter Followers?


Only two people have passed this milestone: Katy Perry last June (105 million followers in mid-October), followed by Justin Bieber (102 million). With nearly 96 million followers, Barack Obama is ambushed … The former president is less active than the White House, but he continues to tweet to express his solidarity after natural disasters or attacks, or pass on his messages on immigration and health. By the way … He could quickly break the 100 million mark. Katy Perry, registered in 2009, has won more than 10 million followers in a few months, thanks to its exclusive content (behind the scenes of his concerts, anecdotes about his private life) or, insinuate his detractors, robots that boost his scores. .. The audience is not necessarily related to the activity: Taylor Swift has managed the feat of attracting 85 million followers by posting 16 unfortunate tweets in a few months! Selena Gomez, absolute queen of Instagram, has only about 50 followers on Twitter … Ariana Grande, BeyoncĂ© and even Cristiano Ronaldo also rely more on the subsidiary of Facebook.